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Cloud Tech Days Masterclass Schedule


LIVE Lesson 1
Mon, Nov, 16
11am ET / 5pm CET


LIVE Lesson 2
Wed, Nov, 18
11am ET / 5pm CET


LIVE Lesson 3
Fry, Nov, 20
11am ET / 5pm CET

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More Surprises
Nov, 23-27

NOTE: The lessons listed above are just the start – we’ll have action guides and white papers downloads. Case Studies from real projects, Q&A sessions… and more. But all of this is only available for a short time (it closes on November, 27th… so be sure to check it out now, before it is gone).

7 Reasons to Join LIVE Cloud Tech Days Masterclass

  • We only to this once a year, so if you want in, now's the time
  • 10+ hours of free, LIVE, in-depth training on how to create successful cloud-based architectures and systems (people have created amazing software with just this free training!)
  • Learn the strategies that allow large companies to save MILLIONS of dollars, in all kinds of industries
  • You'll get FREE PDF downloads, resources and Case Studies to help you launch your cloud solutions fast
  • You'll have access to an exclusive Cloud Masterclass facebook group, where you can connect to the community and talk to a team of experts
  • So much value that people ask if they can buy the recordings (and the answer is "no"... This is LIVE content, you will be glad you show up this week!)
  • All of this free of charge! Just enter your work professional email address - no credit card required to join

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